The Bootstrap default theme is used unless either a Bootswatch theme is specified or a css/maven-theme.css file has been included within the site resources. Below is an example of adding the darkly bootswatch theme to the site.

BootSwatch Theming

Bootswatch is a website which hosts a variety of themes for Bootstrap. To use you need to define the desired style within the custom configuration. The value is based on the name of the theme for example.

    <project name="xxx">


The skin includes a hook for two additional CSS files:

  • css/maven-theme.css
  • css/site.css

When building a Maven Site if you place a file with these names under the following folder structure the Maven site Plugin will incorporate them into the result.

+- src/
   +- site/
      +- resources/
         +- css/
            +- maven-theme.css
            +- site.css