Getting Started

The aim of this skin is to make each aspect of the layout configuration but provide sane defaults so you can minimise the amount of configuration you need to provide


To use this skin in your project, use the skin element of the site.xml site descriptor:

    <project name="xxx">

Site Configuration

This skin supports a number of configuration options, allowing you to enable various Bootstrap components and configure them to meet your needs. The configuration is specified within the site.xml using the <custom><bootstrapSkin> element. The following links provide information on various aspects of the skins.


The Bootstrap default theme is used unless either a Bootswatch theme is specified or a css/maven-theme.css file has been included within the site resources. Below is an example of adding the darkly bootswatch theme to the site.

    <project name="xxx">

Responsive Design

All elements within the skin should follow responsive design using Bootstraps inherit Responsive design elements. The site layout is tested using the test widths the bootstrap grid system specifies to confirm it scales correctly.


The layout options are sites using different site.xml configurations, these are provided for testing purposes but should also be useful in identifying how you can use the tool. The Source code can be found on github, you can find the site.xml files here:

Layout Description
Default The Layout with no custom configuration options set.
Apache This layout recreates the Apache website structure, it also has a theme applied
Kitchen This layout modifies every single configuration option away from the default values
MkDocs This Layout recreates a MkDocs structure.
Maven Default Site A link to the default Maven Skin for comparison.