The Maven Site Bootstrap Skin is an Apache Maven site skin built on top of Bootstrap 5. It allows you to supply a Bootswatch Theme as a CSS file as well as other additional CSS.

The skin allows a number of configuration options allowing you to alter the layout to suit your design tastes. Example skin configurations have been provided to demonstrate the default navbar layout and the Apache standard layout. The Maven Default Skin link has been provided to compare with this skin.

Markdown Render Tests

The below sections are provided to test various Markdown elements have translated correctly into a maven site.

Code Example

Below is some embedded JSON to confirm the prettify plugin is working as expected.

  "first name": "Joe",
  "surname": "Bloggs",
  "age":  "26"

Table Example

A simple table to confirm this is rendering correctly.

first name surname age
Joe Bloggs 26


I just love bold text using stars, if we use a single star we create italic text and similarly one underscore should work.

When we use three stars it becomes bold and italic, similarly three underscores should work


Blockquotes can contain multiple paragraphs. Add a > on the blank lines between the paragraphs.

This skin is the best thing ever invented and I include toast in that statement … Well maybe toast is better

This line should be nested


Below is an ordered list:

  1. Bread
  2. Toaster
  3. Butter

This list is unordered:

  • Dance All Night

  • To the

    Best Song Ever (Best song ever should be indented and attached to bullet 2)

  • And I think it went Oh oh oh!


The following sections identify the various custom settings used within the site.xml and explains what we expect to result on the page.


The Navbar is enabled should contain a logo next to the brand which includes alternative text and links back to this page. You will notice that the menu links in the Navbar are normally weighted to the right of the Navbar the menuOrientation field here should move the menu so it sits next to the brand. Sub menu overlays should be adjusted to appear on the right on the menu dropdown.



Github is one of several source control management solutions supported in the media bar, the Github element has 2 attributes, organisation and repository. organisation is the Github user/organisation to whom the repository belongs, while repository is the Github repository name. The skin will use this to build the URL with the path

<project name="xxx">


I have added a Twitter element to ensure the footer has some content and the icon should appear on the right side of the footer. This will create the url

<project name="xxx">