Apache Maven is able to generate websites containing information about the project, these are generated by the maven-site-plugin. The style and design of these sites can be modified through the use of ‘skins’, the default skin has not been updated since it was created. This project aims to provide a Bootstrap 5 based skin which follows the design layouts the bootstrap project provides. It allows you to supply a Bootswatch Theme as a CSS file as well as other additional CSS.

The skin allows a number of configuration options allowing you to alter the layout to suit your design tastes. Example skin configurations have been provided to demonstrate the default navbar layout and the Apache standard layout.


The main features offered by the skin are:

  • Bootstrap 5
  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Responsive Design
  • Theming Support


To use this skin in your project, use the skin element of the site.xml site descriptor:

    <project name="xxx">


The original goal was to update the Maven Fluido Skin to Bootstrap 5. This encountered several issues:

  • Migrating from Bootstrap 2.8.2 to Bootstrap 3 required significant modifications
  • The project wishes to maintain the default skin layout and Bootstrap classes didn't easily confirm to this
  • There were a number of use cases which were important due to the layout choices which made upgrading complex